Surgery & Medical Services

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Our Veterinarians and Surgeons are
Highly Skilled and Expertly Trained

At Panorama Hills Medical Hospital, it is our goal to offer you and your pets the very good medical care; we work hard to provide the highest quality surgical procedures. Our surgical team is dedicated, experienced, and highly skilled and our doctors have had advanced anesthesia training. With less anesthesia and surgical time, your pet will heal faster and be able to return to their normal routine more quickly. We also believe it’s important to stay up to date with the latest in medical and technological advancements in the veterinary world. Utilizing the latest technology, we can ensure that your pet has the most comfortable and stress-free experience.


At Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we offer a vast range of orthopaedic procedures including FHOs (femoral head osteotomy), patellar surgeries (patellar luxation), cranial cruciate ligament repair (lateral suture/tight-rope techniques), and limb amputations if needed.


Our team is trained in handling the needs of any elective or emergency surgical procedures. Our veterinary surgeons are proficient in a wide range of procedures from spays/neuters to orthopaedic procedures.


Our surgeons work closely with specialists in critical care, internal medicine, radiology and oncology to discuss complex cases and provide the most comprehensive care for your pet. Our highly trained team of anaesthesia technicians, along with our surgeons, will tailor an anaesthesia and pain management regime unique to the needs of your pet.

Medicine & Surgery

At Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we don't just work with domestic cats and dogs; we can also provide veterinary care and surgery to exotic pets and animals including reptiles, birds, and others.


Learn More about Our
Surgical and Medical Services

If you have questions about the surgeries and medical services we provide, we invite you to give us a call. We know and understand how stressful surgery can be for you and your pet. At Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we are all animal lovers who treat each pet as one of our own. We also do our utmost efforts to make sure you, as an owner, understand the procedures your pets are going through. Our excellent staff will make sure that you know the whole process and will answer any questions that you may have. We will also keep you informed about how your pets are doing throughout their entire stay. If you have any questions about your pet’s procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


General anesthesia given as a gas or intravenously is the safest and most common method of administering anesthetics in pets. While gas is the most common method of inducing general anesthesia in the past, intravenous injection is also used with similar results, allowing your pet to fall asleep and awaken smoothly. Modern anesthetic monitors also reduce the risk involved with surgery, making surgical procedures on pets safer than ever before.

Your pet’s ECG (heart electrical activity), heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygenation levels will be closely monitored during surgery. Your pet’s body temperature will be maintained during and after surgery through the use of warm blankets or heating pads.

Animals experience pain just as people do, so although your pet may not show obvious symptoms of discomfort, a surgical procedure will involve pain. We require that any pet undergoing a painful procedure be given pain medication. Type and amount of pain medication will be dependent on how serious or invasive the procedure is.