Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

In House Laboratory

We care for a wide variety of animals. Our fully equipped, in-house laboratory gives us the ability to provide the level of service your pet deserves.

Walk-Ins Welcome

Whether you have a pet emergency or are driving by and want to see if you can get an appointment with a vet - we welcome walk-ins!

Drop-Off Services

If you won’t be able to drop off your pet at the time of your scheduled appointment you are welcome to drop them off before work and pick them up after.

Trustworthy Professionals

At Panorama Hills Animal Hospital we are a close-knit team that remember and care about each pet and owner that come through our doors.

Digital Radiographs

Establishing a fast diagnosis for your pet is critical in assessing their overall health and in allowing us to determine the appropriate course of action. When your pet is sick, it’s important to implement therapy and treatment as quickly as possible. We are fully equipped with both Digital Radiography, and also Dental Digital Radiography to provide quick and efficient results the better we can. We also work closely with Petrays Consultants who staff Board Certified Radiologists to review radiographs for medical cases 

Comprehensive Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

With a full house laboratory and highly experienced Registered Veterinary Technologists, we are able to assess most bloodwork, fecal samples, urine samples and skin samples in hospital. Being able to provide this service allows quick diagnosis and treatment can be provided the same day, often even at the same appointment. 

Digital Radiology

Veterinary radiologists diagnose diseases by obtaining and interpreting medical images. When you bring in your pet and need insight into their health, X-rays help us to diagnose various cardiac, pulmonary, abdominal, musculoskeletal and traumatic conditions. We also have the ability to perform renal and barium radiographic series. We have the most up-to-date technology available for diagnostic radiology. It takes images in seconds with virtually no repeats and is viewable in seconds on any screen in the hospital. The result is the highest quality digital X-ray image in a short time with minimal exposure to both patient and staff.

Skin Work Ups

Skin conditions including allergies are very common in our pets now a days. We offer skin appointments, second opinions and work ups prior to seeking a Specialized Dermatology Consultation. We have a well trained staff who have extensive experience dealing with skin infections, Atopic allergies and food allergies. For IDST (intradermal skin testing) we refer out to 2 locations in Calgary once food allergies and allergy work up is complete.

Therapeutic Laser

No pet owner wants to see their pet suffer from muscle and joint pain. Have you noticed your pet slowing down and having trouble with everyday movements? The doctors and staff of Panorama Hills Animal Hospital also hate to see your pet suffer. We have the latest in Laser Therapy treatment options to provide an alternative solution to traditional pain management. Some advantages include no use of drugs or surgery and fewer side effects or risks. Ask us how Laser Therapy may provide a solution to your pet’s muscle and joint pain.

Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

Book an

Book an appointment online or through calling our office.

Come to
the Clinic

Come into our clinic with your pet. Bring any of your pet’s vaccine history, a list of food, treats and current medications that your pet is on and your pet insurance information.

Talk to a

You will normally see a Veterinary Office Assistant or an Animal Health Technologist first who will take a history, and gather some data for the doctor.

Comprehensive Pet Care

A veterinarian will see you next, examine your pet, answer your questions complete the diagnostics or imaging and recommend further treatment as necessary.

In-House Lab & Diagnostic Services

At Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we have an in-house laboratory to provide diagnostic services. We perform a number of simple and complex veterinary tests quickly and efficiently. Whether you need simple lab work like heartworm tests and leukemia and FIV tests or full blood work, we can do it all. Our in-house laboratory allows for faster diagnosis because we don’t have to send away for the results.


Everything You Need in an Animal Hospital

Once your pet is diagnosed, we can begin the treatment process and journey to recovery; it’s our goal to help your pet get better as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on having the answers to your questions about your pet’s health and in offering fast and convenient service. At Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we are a close-knit team that remembers and cares about each pet and owner that comes through our doors. We understand that your pets are part of your family, which is why we take every effort to ensure you are given adequate time and attention to have confidence in the care of your furry friend. Don’t worry about waiting around for blood work and lab results to come back to us; let us take care of all the lab and diagnostic services for your pets.


Routine blood work and urinalysis are recommended in both cat and dog annual preventative care diagnostics. Through blood work and other lab tests we can establish a baseline of health for your pet to help discern subtle changes that may occur over time. This is especially important since pets age rapidly and changes are sometimes subtle.


Ultrasound plays a key role in evaluating organ health through the use of sound waves. Ultrasound is commonly used to diagnose heart disease and abdominal disease, including cancer.