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How to Prepare Your Pet for an Appointment at a Spay and Neuter Clinic

Your pet is going to go through a lot of emotions and stress when going to a spay and neuter clinic. They are not going to know what to expect and can freak out if they are scared. That is why, as an owner, you have to prepare them for it. Thankfully, this blog post has three excellent tips for you when it comes to preparing your pets for a spay and neuter procedure.

The Three Tips That Can Ease Your Pets At A Spay and Neuter Clinic

Listen To The Instructions From Your Calgary Vet

After having an initial consultation with your Calgary vet, you should be given instructions on how to manage your pet before the spay and neuter procedure. Depending on the health and condition of your pet, your Calgary vet will provide you with essential details on how to prepare them for the treatment. Make sure you follow them precisely so that your pet has no issues in the lead-up, and is also good to go when it happens.

Be As Calm As Possible For Your Pet

Pets are known to feed off the emotions of their owners, so you have to be as cool and calm as possible when it comes to procedure. If you are nervous or stressed before the treatment, then your pets are going to follow suit and act in the same manner. The Calgary vet is going to be acting in the same way to make sure your pet is calm as well. Keep your feelings in check so that your pet is calm as you before the procedure.

Create A Relaxing Environment For Your Pet

This applies to both before and after the procedure. Being spayed and neutered means your pets are going to be a little off, so you have to relax them, so they are comfortable. Create a relaxing room in your home so they can take it easy after the procedure. At the same time, make sure they are comfortable in the room before it starts, so they are ready to enter the room after the procedure.

We know how much you love your pets, and how far you will go to keep them healthy and safe. Here at Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we are proud to be providing Calgary with high-quality care and veterinary services to all animals; great and small. We are here, when you’re little ones need us. Contact us today on  403-277-9111 to request an appointment.

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