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How To Look After Your Pets In The Winter

The winter season can bring a lot of excitement to your family and your pets. But amidst all the excitement, you have to make sure that your give your pets proper care. Your pets can get hurt or sick due to the conditions they’ll face during the winter. Here are some tips on how to look after them during this time.

Take Better Care of the Paws

If your pet is walking outside in the cold weather, you have to check the paws on a regular basis. The temperatures and ice can damage the paws. You can apply something like paw balm for extra protection. Your pets may also be exposed to deicing agents, hard salt, and even antifreeze that leaks out of cars. Be sure to wipe away the paws when you get back in the house. It may even be a smart idea to purchase dog boots. If you think your pet has ingested something toxic, visit an animal hospital in Calgary immediately.

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Provide Extra Clothing

Large dogs with dense coats can handle colder weather without any issues. But even they may need some extra clothing when they go outside if the temperatures get very low. Small dog breeds and breeds with short coats. They tend to get cold faster because they don’t do as great of a job in insulating their body temperature from the cold. If your pet is experiencing chills or running a fever after going out, it’s a good idea to visit an animal hospital in Calgary.

Adjust Your Pet’s Diet

If your pet is less active during the colder months, then switch to smaller portion sizes. On the other hand, if you have an active pet that likes to go out to play in the snow, then provide more food for all the calories that are going to be burned. Pay attention to how your pet behaves to optimize your pet’s diet.

Protect Your Pet’s Home

If you use radiators to heat your home, it will be beneficial to install radiator covers. The radiators can get really hot. Cats and dogs can try to warm up near the radiators and end up hurting themselves. If you have a dog house in your yard, make sure that you insulate it from wet conditions and strong winds. Take the time to make any repairs and check the roof of the house so that your dog can stay warm.

These tips will keep your pets happy and healthy during the winter. It’s all about being a little bit more cautious and making the right preparations.

We know how much you love your pets, and how far you will go to keep them healthy and safe. Here at Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we are proud to be providing Calgary with high-quality care and veterinary services to all animals; great and small. We are here, when you’re little ones need us. Contact us today on  403-277-9111 to request an appointment.

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