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Does Pet Insurance Cover A Spay & Neuter?

We usually have a good idea as to what our health insurance covers for us and our families, but are we aware what pets insurance covers? Probably not. The idea of getting our pets covered for everything including spay & neuter isn’t realistic as many medical procedures are not covered by all animal insurance facilities. 

Does Pet Insurance Cover A Spay & Neuter?

How much neutering or spaying costs 

The common surgeries usually cost around $200-$300, although spaying is more expensive than neutering. Depending on the animal hospital your pet goes to they may charge around $300, while there are low-cost alternatives in a range of $35 to $150. When you are deciding to neuter or spay your animal make sure to ask what’s included. Is the price of anesthesia included? The cost of post-surgery pain killers? Or any other hospitalization fees? It is super important to explore the options surrounding your animal’s health. 

Can pet insurance & wellness plans help defer costs? 

After considering the costs of spay & neutering its time to consider what our pets insurance offer and cover. Typical veterinarians may offer these three typical forms: Accidents-only, Basic injury and illness, Full-scale injury, illness and emergencies. Neutering and spaying may or may not be included in your pets basic insurance. Some pet insurance companies offer wellness coverage as a basic plan. Other offer it as an additional cost that won’t be already included in your pet’s insurance. Wellness covers emergency issues and or vaccinations and checkups. For your own reference, almost all pet insurance companies do not cover expenses related to Neutering and spaying. 

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Why neuter or spay your pet? 

Besides the obvious reason for neutering and spaying (reducing more litters) can improve our pet behave better. They may stop humpings all the stuffed animals in the house, barking, marking, or wandering around the streets. It also helps your pet’s health as well, reducing the chances of testicular, uterine, and mammary cancer. You will also notice that your pet won’t be getting into street fights with other animals due to not having the desire to find a mate. You may end up sending your local animal hospital a thank you card after spaying or neutering your pet. 

We know how much you love your pets, and how far you will go to keep them healthy and safe. Here at Panorama Hills Animal Hospital, we are proud to be providing Calgary with high-quality care and veterinary services to all animals; great and small. We are here, when you’re little ones need us. Contact us today on  403-277-9111 to request an appointment.

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